Hanging an Elephant


Mary Moore

On Saturday Oct. 23 and Monday Oct. 25 the theater program put on the play “Elephant’s Graveyard” in the auditorium.

In the play Mary, a circus elephant, killed her trainer by striking him in the head with a large metal hook. Mary was then arrested for murder, and she was later hung on a crane.

Some students conducted research in order to prepare for their unique roles in the play.

“My character was the Eastern European strongman,” cast member senior Braxton Dunn said. “They asked me if I could do the character with the Russian accent. I watched videos and had a couple of people that lived in Russia help me go through how words were pronounced and articulated.”

Students faced some difficulties with the production, particularly with holding practices.

“Three students got COVID and couldn’t come to rehearsals for about three weeks,” cast member junior Camron Duran said. “It was a real struggle, but we had other people who read off the script so we could practice our lines.”

Although the first performance went pretty well, by the second the students felt more confident.

“The second one we kind of understood how we needed to be so before we started the play we realized we needed to be more pushing in our emotions because we were too compressed out there,” Camron said. “We put more emotion into the second one and it really sparked up the play that time.”