TAFE donates to Rainbow Room


Cameron May

Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) is sponsoring Rainbow Room, an organization that helps children who are removed from abusive or neglectful homes. TAFE is collecting new stuffed animals and blankets for boys and girls ages newborn to 18 years old.

Service directors juniors Adisan Burton and Madalynn Woodruff started the donation drive.

“When we were given this project, the first word that came to our mind was meaningful, ” Woodruff said. “We thought partnering with CASA was a great idea.”

Burton and Woodruff feel it is important for our school to donate to the Rainbow Room. They invite all campus organizations to join in with donations.

“These kids are being taken away from abusive and neglectful homes,“ Burton said, “these donations are sometimes the only personal possessions they have to take with them in such a hard place and time in their life.”

Through this program, children and teens in abusive situations can have something small and tangible to take with them to their new foster homes.

“Hopefully, this sparks a tiny bit of joy in the hard times of life,” TAFE sponsor Tammy Greene

The girls will pick up donations on October 29, and want all organizations to join to see who donates the most.

Greene admires her students for taking on this challenge.

“I am so proud of our TAFE Service Directors for taking the initiative to serve our community,” Greene said. “Sometimes this generation gets a bad rap, but I have the opportunity to see first hand the compassion and work ethic of the future generation.”