Online student newspaper goes live


Rusk Eagle Echo Newspaper Staff

Eagle Echo Staff

Students, staff, and community will now be able to read about activities and events happening at Rusk High School with a new online student publication. The Rusk Eagle Echo went live today.

Adviser Sheryl Parks approached counselors at the end of the 2020-21 school year about forming a newspaper class and recruited students to join.

“I believe every high school needs a student newspaper,” Parks said, “to keep students informed and give them a voice about events happening in the school and community.”

Although the staff is starting out small, they plan to publish as much content as possible this year.

“Our goals might be set high, but each individual on the staff has their own unique skills,” sophomore staff member Nylin McGowan said. “I know that great work will come out of this class.”

Besides McGowan, the staff is made up of four seniors: Cameron May, Mary Moore, Hailey Morgan and Micah Solly.

“I think it’s good for everyone to learn how to write articles,” May said. “It will also look good on my college application because it shows you challenge yourself to become a better writer and it shows school involvement.”

Parks recognizes that there is a great deal of work to be done. She has to not only teach her staff how to decide on coverage, do interviews and write articles, but the entire staff has to learn to navigate the online platform they are using to publish,

“All of my experience so far advising high school newspapers has been with print publications. I know it will be a challenge to move to online publishing, but I know this staff can do it.”

While the paper is starting out online, the staff hopes to raise money for at least one or two print publications per year.

“When you think of newspaper, you think of a traditional print newspaper,” Moore said. “Some people like to actually hold the paper in their hands. It’s also a keepsake.”

The first fundraising event the staff plans to hold is Monster Mash 2021, a Halloween block party. It will take place on Halloween night from 7-10pm.